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I had 2 reasons to start training.

Firstly I have arthritis in my knees & have had replacement joints in both in recent years. I need to do the right sort of exercise to mobilise & strengthen the joints.

Secondly I'm middle aged & inclined to be overweight since I was a child. Looking at my mother I could see my future which quite frankly scared me.

I've worked with trainers on & off for over 10 years so completely understood the value of exercise. However I'm basically lazy & understood that I lack the necessary motivation to exercise by myself. I needed someone who would make it interesting enough to make me want to exercise. Thats when I came across Onpoint Training

Once I'd set my mind to it I needed to see results quickly in order to keep me on track. I exercised on average 3 times a week & followed a very new approach to eating plan for about 12 months. In that time I dropped 4 dress sizes.

*I lost more than 20 kilos & over 15% of my body fat.

I was slimmer, lighter & fitter than I'd ever been. My posture improved so that I had fewer problems with my back. I felt fantastic & everyone I saw commented on how much better I looked.

There was, however a downside. It wasn't easy & required a level of commitment that I didn't know I possessed.

I also had to replace my entire wardrobe which didn't come cheap.

It was worth every penny!!

In retrospect that was the easy bit.

I've now worked with Jay and Sian for 5 years & have kept the weight off by continuing with the diet & exercise regime. This is something I had never previously managed to do.

If I've been on a journey, they've been with me every step of the way. Jay and Sian quickly understood which buttons to press - what motivates me & what switches me off.

It's all done with a mixture of encouragement, humour & at times, quite frankly, bullying.

I've achieved something I never believed possible, but I could not have done it alone.

*please note results may vary from person to person



At the end of 2012 I weighed the most I have in my entire life - 220 lbs (100 kilos). I felt bad, stressed, and anxious. My waistline was ever increasing and none of my clothes fit properly. I wasn't happy and I knew I needed a change.

I have gone through this before like many of us have. It is the holidays and you have put on some extra pounds. You have the new year resolution to get back to the gym and get back into shape. So I vowed that once I got back to the UK from our annual trip back to the US for the holidays I was going to get back to the gym.

As a 47 year old, financial services executive who travels extensively I knew I was going to need some help. My inspiration was my friend Steven who had just completed a 12 week body transformation with Jay. He looked great and I wanted to look like him. The only problem is Steven is a model and for me to look anything thing like him was going to take a lot of effort - a lot.

Within a day of returning to the UK I went in for my OnPoint consultation with Jay. From the moment I walked in I knew this place was going to be different. This place is a proper training gym not your run of the mill "fitness centre" with all the trainers running around in matching uniforms and the clients looking pretty. I knew this was a place to come and work hard.

Jay takes is role as a trainer seriously - it's personal for him. He wants to make sure that you succeed in your goal. His entire programme is molded to your specific needs - from the exercises you do to the food you eat it's about what is right for you. Jay is also in constant contact with you before and after your sessions. He will text or email you to see how you are after a hard workout. And for that little extra motivational kick he will tweet your job well done (If you approve that of course).

I have really enjoyed the customized food plans which are very specific. A lot of trainers will just want you to keep a food diary and then they comment on what you eat and maybe make some suggestions. Jay actually works out what specifically you should be eating and optimizing your macronutrients to maximize your results. Workouts are not about a general full body workout but rather a targeted workout to hit the areas that need the most attention. Whether that is losing fat in those hard areas or building muscle in specific areas for the best look. Jay really has an eye for what is needed most.

In the 12 week body transformation programme I lost over 30 lbs and looked and felt the best I have in my entire life.

I didn't have a specific competition or photo shoot but that wasn't a problem for Jay. My family, friends and coworkers have been impressed at the results Jay has helped me achieve and some of them have been so inspired to sign up and try it themselves.

I have been so pleased that I signed up for another 12-week programme.



I had reached my highest weight ever, over 16 and a half stone and found it really hard to move, even to the point of struggling to tie my own shoes and thats when I thought it was time to sort it out, that’s when I contacted Onpoint training.

My journey began in April 2015, I contacted Onpoint through their website and quickly received an invite to come in and meet their team.

We discussed my current situation and I had to admit to some of my drastic attempts to lose weight, like juice fating but director Jay kindly let me know the health risks involved and how he planned to help me get back to my best in a much more healthy and sustainable way, so I began to feel really confident in their knowledge.

We began training that week, I also received a personalised nutrition plan and Jay was always ion the end of the phone to help me along the way.

These guys really go out of their way, we actually met up on a regular basis for a coffee to discuss my programme and how I was feeling.

I've never experienced this before!

So I stuck to it, I promised myself and my Chrissie that I wasn't going to stop until I reach my goal and the team at Onpoint done everything they could to make sure it happened.

I am now at 13 10lbs and recently signed up for my first ever obstacle event 'Rat race Man VS Mountain' on September 5th 2015.

I never dreamed I would be able to do something like this.

As has you can see by the pictures, I have had amazing results all thanks to Jay & Sian, they are amazing personal trainers and really look after their clients, my journey with them still goes on today.

A big big thank you... amazing! 

*please note results may vary from person to person



"I have always been active. Active enough to trek in the Himalaya, climb mountains, enjoy white water rafting, go paragliding…

For most of my life I was a dancer and yet, I have aways been overweight and unhappy with my size.

I called on Sian to help me prepare for the biggest day of my life: my Wedding Day!

I didn't want to feel as I always had done throughout my teens and twenties. I wanted to feel confident in my own skin and my beautiful dress.

In addition to an exercise plan, Sian gave me the key to my transformation, help with my nutrition. My eating habits have always been terrible but following expert guidance, instruction and tips from Sian allowed me to manage a nutrition plan that has been the bedrock of my success.

I am not finished with my body transformation but I have started well, lost 2 1/2 stone, learnt a lot about sustainable eating habits, and I mean to continue to a happier, healthier me."



I have been working out since my early 20’s and during that time my tried and tested 4-6 workouts a week routine has generally served me well. Fast forward to spring 2013 and after several months of back and forth transition from New York to London I found myself at 42 and in the worst shape of my life. And it wasn’t getting better. With long days getting settled into a new job, the excitement of exploring a new city and plenty of post work pint opportunities my drive to self-motivate simply wasn’t what it used to be. One day while sharing my frustration and displeasure with my good friend Matt, who happened to be going through his own 12 week body transformation, he recommended that I consider Jay and spend a few minutes getting to know him and his philosophy. Meeting up that first day at the gym three things became apparent within the first few minutes: Jay would only be the right trainer for me if I was really willing to commit to an objective and stick with it. Jay wasn’t just going to take me through a workout a few days a week but was going to fully invest in my overall lifestyle to ensure we achieved the best results possible. Jay was going to make sure that if we took this journey together it would be a collaborative dialogue allowing him to custom tailor as needed along the way. It was exactly what I needed to hear and by the time I left that first day we had already started to outline a set of goals. As for the gym itself; I immediately could tell it had a clear focus and purpose, with a sense of camaraderie, support, and encouragement amongst the trainers and clients. To top it off there was plenty of space and equipment to ensure you were able to do what you needed to when you needed to do it. During the next 12 weeks Jay didn’t allow me to simply fall into a routine; keeping our sessions varied and fresh. The focus was on form and balancing out my entire physique instead of simply my favorite areas and historic fallback chest workout. Jay also didn’t let me get away with less than I was capable of, somehow sensing when to pipe in with words of encouragement to get me to go just that little bit extra. Finally Jay constantly monitored my progress and inquired on how I was doing; adjusting if it was needed to ensure I kept optimal progress going. It wasn’t just our gym sessions though; Jay crafted a personalized meal plan and over the next few weeks I went from someone whose friends joked about my takeout habits and only having protein shakes, mixers, and vodka in the fridge to someone who was cooking his own meals on a daily basis. I had more energy, improved focus and I was even sleeping better. I went into my 12 week body transformation looking for a little motivation to get myself back into shape and 12 weeks later I found myself in possibly the best shape of my life, with a whole new outlook on working out and a completely enhanced appreciation of the role nutrition plays. When a few days later I headed off on vacation to meet up with friends from the states, they were amazed by my results. Needless to say I couldn’t stop there and am proud to say that I am still working with Jay and my next set of goals.

*please note results may vary from person to person


I had never really worked out with any amount of commitment before beginning my training at OnPoint. However, after working as a model for a number of years, my body shape was important to me and I was becoming more and more unhappy about what I saw in the mirror (and in my pictures). I had a very busy and demanding work schedule and would always eat whatever I could grab in between jobs, meaning lots of sandwiches, fast food and take outs.

When I first met Jay, I was dubious about weight training; quite honestly I had imagined that I would be spending my sessions on the treadmill or on a bike. I was adamant that I wanted to slim down and I thought that lifting weights would bulk me up. When he showed me how much I would be eating each day, I was unconvinced that I was on the right programme and certainly had second thoughts about beginning my training.

In the past I had achieved a skinny frame through starving myself for work and the idea that eating more would slim me down was totally alien to me. However, I am so glad that I trusted his advice and expertise; in only 4 months I have seen a massive difference in my body! And, more importantly, my whole relationship with food has been completely transformed. It is no longer something I am scared of; now I love to eat and I don't feel guilty afterwards.

My skin is also so much better than before, when I was constantly eating the wrong foods (and smoking, which I stopped with the help of Jay's encouragement). With OnPoint, the nutritional support is amazing and Jay is always making sure that I stay on track with eating the right things (and the right amounts).

As for the training itself, it has been, and continues to be, a challenge for me. It is not easy but with Jay's support and good humour, I have been able to push myself far harder than I thought possible. The more I do, the more I want to do.

Seeing people like Sian (who also runs OnPoint with Jay) in the studio is so inspiring; I see what is possible and, although I am a long long way from it yet, I know I am heading in the right direction.

I am eternally grateful to the team at OnPoint for showing me the way!

*please note results may vary from person to person



I had the biggest event of my life coming up, that I wanted to get in shape for and look my best.

I had known Sian from the days at Fitness First Gracechurch Street and seen her progress with her new studio at Onpoint and other clients success stories. So I approached her back in August 2013 to find out what she could offer me and how she could help me achieve my goal for my Wedding in March 2014.

I had shown her a picture of my dress and we discussed how I wanted to look on the day, my training went on from there. I had the motivation to train but didn’t have the knowledge about diet and weight training.

I used to do a lot of gym classes, combat, pump, attack; I have learnt through Sian that weight training is very beneficial for weight loss. I was training less and eating more, which didn’t make sense to start with, but I trusted that Sian had the experience, so I committed to my diet plan that I was given.

Sian was very supportive, as I progressed through my various diet phases; she ensured my food plan changed every few weeks as my body adjusted to what I was doing. I consistently weighed myself and would worry if I did not see any movement, but with Sian’s encouragement, motivation and the comments rolling in, it kept me going.

The big day finally arrived and I felt great and looked awesome, I feel I can now take away everything I have learnt from Sian and continue on my journey to staying healthy and keeping fit with my new lifestyle change.

Thanks Sian!

*please note results may vary from person to person


When I made the initial inquiry, promptly replied by Sian, and met with Jay on our first free consultation, I was struck by their calm empathy; they sincerely cared. This approach, truly personalized and professional for clients, is consistent throughout the training sessions. My wife who later joined Onpoint felt the same.

Before I started, I had ideas about health improvements, mainly through regular exercise and improving diet. Jay and Sian have a unique approach in supporting us through this journey. Concurrent with the physical exercises, catered for us, they provide sensible, simple, and effective nutritional guidance, to match with our exercise and life routines. Their approach is with compassion, understanding, and never intimidating. Their ethos is unique and one of a kind; it provides a structured (yet, informal) and an eclectic guidance on exercise and nutrition. They provide simple and powerful recommendations which are not overwhelming or confusing, again, catered to clients.

For me, they put an end to the bombardments of misleading and confusing information available in the public domain about health and nutrition.

Like most, I returned to regular exercise with some expectation, but unlike any other service provider in health and nutrition, Jay and Sian gave us so much more, an exponential and better understanding about how to carry out the inseparable relations between exercise and nutrition in real life, outside the gym. This result was not without self-discipline and with this, what you benefit from their unique approach is a positive mindset, easily transferable to one's life. As I come near the end of my time with Onpoint, I am already and will be walking away with ‘life-long tools’ to utilize in the future for better physical and mental health. These tools are now incorporated into my life routine with amazing ease. I feel healthier, physically, and in mind. Compared to what I expected at the start with Onpoint, I ended up with so much more! Words are never enough, but thank you, Sian and Jay, and I wish you both the best for your future endeavors to better others!

Dr Yvain Rumalean

NHS and the Faculty of Forensic & Legal Medicine.

Dr Yvain Rumalean


My body has changed so much since I have been with Onpoint, I started with Sian on a Female Weights Course which then led me to weight train 3 nights a week with Jay.

I started out at 10s 5lbs and a size 12, one year later I am 10s 3lbs and a size 8 with a completely different body and mind.

I have learnt I can do it, even though I am 44 years old and work full time with 4 children. Onpoint has given me these new skills. I am now strong, I struggled to lift any weight at all but I can now lift 73kg, I am now an organised chef who prepares my food in advance, I organise my evening meals which are healthy, I am focused as I want to lift heavier and improve my body more, I am happy because I feel great and I love how my body looks and it looks better than it did in my twenties, I am not guilty if I have the odd glass of wine or the odd cheat meal, I am at ease with myself, I can see the change physically and my clothes tell me a different story to the scales. I am now confident to go at it alone and hit the free weight section in the gym.

It's not just about the exercise and this is where Onpoint are so very different from everyone else, it is mind, body and soul changing.

Thanks for everything, Mrs G xx

Tania Galvin

Ellie Clark

I have been with Onpoint for 11 months. I am nearing 40 and I am in the best condition of my adult life. In that time I have become leaner, healthier and significantly more toned. I have also become knowledgable on how to train properly and effectively, including lifting weights, as well as what to eat to best support my training and my goals. I have lost weight, about three quarters of a stone, and body fat too. I can do so much more in that time than I thought I would ever be able to, including chin ups. Jay and Sian have fully supported me every step of the way - their personal dedication has made a huge difference. My gains are not only physical but mental too. The best version of myself emerges on the days I train - at home and at work. Those around me have noticed a huge difference in my general mental wellbeing. My family eats healthier as a result of what I have learnt at Onpoint. My work has also benefitted. When I train it clears my mind and sets me up for the day. Plus the focus and drive I now apply to training and nutrition extend into my work life as well. Onpoint have created an inclusive community full of like minded people of all ages and all walks of life. We support each other and we laugh together, both in and out of the gym. It should feel like really hard work but somehow they make the impossible possible. It has been a massively rewarding journey with Jay and Sian so far and one I plan to continue on for years to come.

Purdey Silvester

 I came across OnPoint via Facebook where I noticed the great workouts and fun environment they have in Hertford.

I’ve been training with Jay and the team for over a year now and have been involved in both PT and Group Training. This has been the first form of activity I’ve been able to commit to and enjoy since when I played football regularly. The day came a couple of years ago where I had to give up football due to injury and working commitments and I never found anything to keep me active. This unfortunately resulted in reduced fitness and not being in the shape I once was.

What’s resulted from my time with OnPoint has been far more than getting in shape and improving my fitness. I’m now eating far better than ever before with total awareness of the decisions I’m making, which is having a great impact on my lifestyle over all. The results in these better decisions have meant smaller jeans, new belts and just feeling better about myself overall.

I’m really excited about the next chapter of my time with OnPoint and getting ready for Summer 2017.

Jordan Roberts

I met Sian 7 months before my wedding with an aim to lose weight, tone up and generally get fit. All of my goals were achieved and I felt lovely on my big day. After initially just having personal sessions I moved on to the team training with Jay which was great. My confidence in the gym has greatly improved and boxing has become a favourite work out. As well as all the benefits of the gym I made some lovely new friends. The whole OnPoint community is very encouraging and supportive and they always gave me a boost when I needed it. I wouldn't hesitate to recommend OnPoint!

Claire Ludlam

I joined at the start of September with the goal of getting into shape and gaining confidence. Jay has taught me the importance of consistency and setting small achievable goals that ultimately will lead you to your goal. The sessions are great fun, hard work of course but seeing my progress over the past couple of months has made the effort totally worth while.

Sarah Ashford

I joined OnPoint with the intention of toning up, dropping dress sizes and just generally wanting to be a stronger, fitter version of myself.

I have taken part in personal training and I'm now a regular member of Team Training which is amazing!

All my stats are moving in the right direction and I'm feeling great!

I'm down a dress size (and down 2 bra sizes!!) which I'm over the moon with.

One thing I didn't expect was to enjoy it so much and I have since taken part in obstacle course races and recently completed the London Marathon 2018!!!

Thank you so much for everything!

Nancy Pearce

I can honestly say that being at Onpoint helps you with every aspect of your life. I feel stronger, more positive, happier with where I am now, rather than where I was before. This in turn has made my family life better and my work ethic clearer. I am cooking 10 times more than I ever have and I have more energy to be a better husband and father. My wife said to me literally last week that Onpoint was the best thing to happen to us. Thank you to Jay and Sian for everything, I thought this was a good time to say how much I love being part of the Onpoint family.

Neil Brunton

Amazing place, Amazing couple! If you are willing to put in the hard work, Jay and Sian will literally perform miracles with you! I have enjoyed every single month I have had training with Onpoint, with brilliant results! Everyone's so friendly! Never had so much fun working out with such a crazy bunch of people in the group morning training sessions Would recommend to anyone!!

Rebecca Williams

On point has literally changed my life, I was one of those who used to look at the ads with the before and after pics and think that's either rubbish or hard work, but with Jay's help, guidance and support he has shown me how to eat healthy and train hard and most importantly get results!

Sam Collins

"I was looking for a PT after having had over a year off exercise after braking my leg and ankle in a skiing accident. I had got back into Yoga which had really helped but I was yet to get back to the gym and was relatively nervous about doing so. Despite not being "overweight" I had lost a lot of muscle and strength and wanted a kick start to get me back into the gym, as well as guidance and advice on what exercises I should be doing. After meeting with Jay and Sian at their private gym I really liked the set-up and their approach to fitness and to their clients and subsequently signed up with Jay for PT sessions 3 days a week. I've always been quite active but I've never done proper weight training, I always thought I was reasonably strong until Jay had me lifting and squatting and I was struggling with the lightest of weights!! It also became very apparent that my left leg really needed building up after my accident as it affected the way I could squat. Jay then helped me by researching how we could build it up with other exercises and develop my squats, which I can now say was a big success.

Over my time at Onpoint I also got engaged which focused my training efforts even more, wanting to look as good as possible for the big day. Jay helped me work towards this goal through a combination of weight training, HIIT sessions and diet and I felt amazing when the day finally came around.

One of the things I have found difficult during this process is my weight, as a female your used to just thinking you want to be as light as possible, however, this doesn't necessarily mean you look better. Jay asked me to weigh myself every day for a week to understand the fluctuations that happen with everyone's weight. I did this and my weight went up and down by between 2 - 6 lbs each day. These days I try not to focus on my weight but how I feel, how I look and how my clothes fit. I probably weigh the same if not slightly more that when I started but my body shape has changed completely, I'm stronger and more toned than I've ever been.

I've learnt so much about how to train with Jay and I have really enjoyed learning about weight training. It's toned up my entire body and I feel really strong. This has become a journey for me now, the more I've trained the more I've realised there is no overnight fix, or even a couple of months fix for anyone, my health and fitness is something I care about very much and something I want to continue to invest time into every day. I miss the gym when I'm not able to make it, but I've learnt not to beat myself up about it, sometimes I have time to train more, sometimes I don't, but I always eat well and try to stay onpoint as much as possible. Life is a balance.

Having now been at Onpoint just coming up to a year, I can think of many things I class as achievements over this time;

  • Rebuilding the strength in my leg following my accident
  • Regaining confidence by just being back in the gym and knowledge of what exercises to do


"OnPoint isn't a normal gym- it's so much more than that.

It's a community of people who want to improve their fitness and wellbeing, whilst having fun and enjoying working out as a team. Every session combines achievable strength and conditioning exercises that will challenge and motivate every team member regardless of ability. If you're not experienced with lifting weights then it's a brilliant place to learn, and if you are then you can improve both your form and your strength with expert coaching and support. The trainers are fantastic and Jay and the team are always there if you need advice or just motivation - they really care and want to see all of their clients do well.

The support extends beyond the sessions - with a Facebook group, team challenges, and social events, this level of support will make the difference in helping you to achieve your goals.

Over the last three months I've lost 1.5 stone, improved my fitness, flexibility and strength, and my confidence.

I've signed up for a 10k obstacle race and a fitness retreat in Ibiza - two things I wouldn't have even considered six months ago. I've definitely caught the OnPoint bug!"

Kat Morgan

Sunday 14 May marked an important moment for me - via Jay's whizzy scales it was confirmed that I had passed the 2 stone loss mark (13.3 kg to be accurate). Meeting this first (of many, many) targets has been quite a moment for me and it has caused me to reflect on the past few months and what has led to this achievement.

Like so many others I reached the point about 6 months ago that I wanted to change and I was becoming seriously worried about me - not just weight loss, but to improve my strength, resilience and be in general, fitter. I knew that it was utterly useless for me to do this on my own and so in a move from London to Hertford I decided this was the time to do it. With a bit of research I came across OnPoint, contacted Sian, met Jay and the rest is history.

Through trial and many errors on my part I have found that training three times a week, a couple of extra classes when I can, step counting via Fitbit and following OnPoint's food plan I have found that I am becoming fitter than I've ever probably been, losing weight sensibly and for the first time absolutely loving sport.

Except this isn't really history, it is absolutely present. This is one target met but there are more. What it has done is to spur me on - I am no different to anyone else and the rule of expending more energy than intaking is the same for me as it is for others. I want to achieve more and for the first time I am convinced that this is the long term solution. Whilst I have broken commitments made to myself so often I now believe I have the resilience to keep going, because losing weight is both very easy and very hard, and I am living proof of that. All these journeys are deeply personal and finding what works for you is part of that. It took about 3 months for me to start loving training, but with a click it did, and for anyone starting out, please, please keep at it - it will fall into place for you as it did for me. For everyone else, keep going and I look forward to sharing more of my personal successes and hearing about yours. I will be forever grateful to Jay, Sian and Michelle for their belief in me when I had little in myself and for sticking with me as my attitude was changing in fits and starts. It is going to be a long journey but I am well on the way to getting there.

Philippa Sexton

Back in January, I'd got to a point that I realised something needed to change!

My bad eating habits had spiralled out of control, I felt uncomfortable in my clothes and I really didn't feel great about how I looked. It was then that I was introduced to Onpoint by a friend.

Since then I have been attending ladies kickboxing and 1-2 team training sessions on a weekly basis and from day one I could see that Onpoint was different to anywhere I'd trained before.

Every year I've tried to adapt the "new year new me" attitude and failed miserably as I've found self motivation alone hasn't been enough.

Jay and Michelle at OnPoint really want to understand your goals, your strengths and weaknesses and work together with you on making you a better you. With their support and encouragement to push myself further each week, I can now notice a huge difference in my appearance and attitude to keeping fit.

Working out isn't a chore anymore, I love it!

I've learned how to eat well without depriving myself of the foods that I enjoy. I've realised eating healthy doesn't need to be bland or boring and having Jay and Michelle always happy to offer nutritional advice has been invaluable. The Onpoint Facebook community group really helps with this too.

At every team training session there is a real "team" spirit. Everyone is out to better themselves and not eachother. We encourage and support one another which makes it a happy place to be.

I would definitely recommend Onpoint and look forward to seeing how I can progress even further.

Hayley Tee

I started training with Jay in a bid to lose some stomach weight and generally tone up.

With his help I have achieved beyond my expectation.

My overall fitness and strength have improved so much in a short space of time.

He is willing to share his expert knowledge and tailor your programme for what you want to achieve.

His tips on nutrition are excellent and his dedication is clear.

I couldn’t recommend OnPoint enough.

Tom Carr

Can't recommend more highly!

Personable, supportive personal trainers who make the experience of training both fun and rewarding.

Jay does a brilliant job of being sensitive to my needs and goals whilst pushing me to achieve my best.

I noticed the results in terms of body shape and levels of fitness really quickly and wish that I had journeyed down this path years ago!

It's made a huge difference.

Love both the PT sessions and the Women Only team sessions.

Friendly, warm environment with trainers who are true professionals.


I was looking for a personal trainer that could help me build strength and tone up with the intention to look and feel my best at an awards night.

I've always done some sort of exercise but like many, I often struggle to find the time and motivation to do it myself. As a result, I made a few enquiries and Sian came highly recommended.

At the first meeting and session, we got on great. I was taken by Sian's professionalism and attention to detail, which made me feel very confident in her ability to help me. Sian is very easy to talk to and as a result, we have become good friends.

We trained 3 x a week at my home in Notting Hill and anytime I travel out of London or abroad, I always take Sian with me to keep my fitness on track.

We have worked closely to develop improved eating habits that compliment the training and I have to say the results have been fantastic!

This is the best I have ever looked but more importantly, the best I have ever felt. I'm healthy, happy and thanks to Sian, exercise is now an important part of my life.

If you're looking for a personal trainer that not only has the knowledge to help you but will go out of their way to make sure you reach your targets both in and out of the gym, I can't recommend Sian highly enough.

Thank you and good luck with everything in Hertfordshire!

Kelly x

Kelly Hoppen MBE

After a few years of bootcamp, I started strength training at Onpoint.

I wasn’t quite sure about it at first, as it was so different to what I was used to.

Not as many burpees and indoors!

Jay, Siân and Michelle are fab trainers who have a real passion for this sport and are truly dedicated to getting the best out of you.

They have helped me build up my confidence with weights and have pushed me out of my comfort zone too, as I am actually stronger than I think!

The ladies only morning sessions has a great atmosphere.

Every session is different and the trainers work hard behind the scenes to ensure the variety.

Now I really love going to a strength training session!

Tracey Beckett

I have been to many different gyms over the years.

Onpoint stands out.

Mainly due to the knowledge, passion and experience of the PT's and instructors Jay, Sian and Michelle.

But also due to the friendless of the gym itself.

I have always felt welcome and comfortable despite some sessions being new to me.

Oh and also the sessions can be pretty tough. I always feel great after. I would highly recommend.

Lisa Roberts

I am loving the women only morning sessions at On Point.

I have never done this sort of strength and conditioning exercise before and Michelle and Sian have been so encouraging and patient.

Thanks ladies!

Working in a small group is great fun so when it's tough that keeps me going!

Julie Fogg

The dedication to their business and customers, relaxed but vibrant and energised training sessions, coupled with Jay and Sian's professionalism and total understanding of everything 'fitness', for me, makes OnPoint Training the only Personal Training facility in Hertford worth considering.

Richard Stangroom

I'm no fitness finatic. I'm a crazy busy mum who works full time and my own personal, general wellbeing always gets sidelined.

But because OnPoint offer such a flexible and varied timetable I've found a way to fit two sessions a week into my life.

For me it's about finding something sustainable that makes a difference.

Jay works us damn hard during those sessions but they are FUN and without a doubt I'm seeing a difference in my energy levels and fitness.

Go ooonnn....you know you want to! Do it!

Amy Barker

I recently joined OnPoint training and am enjoying it so much.

I was new to team training and find that the classes are extremely motivating and always varied which keeps me interested.

I have already seen big improvements in my fitness and general feeling of well being and I put this down to the great work of the trainers who give really good personal advice and motivate me to keep improving and progressing.

I've already met some great people at the classes and I would thoroughly recommend OnPoint!!

Amy Savigar

Onpoint is a great environment to get in shape.

Strongly recommend team training which is fantastic for everyone pushing each other on as well as being social.

They will teach you how to eat, train and sustain properly.

Best place I've ever trained and can't recommend enough!

Ian Taylor

My goal was always to lose weight and gain more confidence in my self and my appearance

I found onpoint by googling personal trainers in Hertfordshire and liked the look of the program.

Support from jay has really helped, both in my training and telling me what is good and bad in my diet and I've learnt new exercises to use in the gym to make me more independent while in the gym which is something I'd never had before going to onpoint

I've lost 15kg in 12 weeks which I'd never thought would ever be possible before going to onpoint

I would recommend onpoint because of the support I get from all the staff In and outside the gym and the help i get in planning out my meals to help me lose weight

Joe Lovegrove

I have been part of the Onpoint Community since it started up in Hertford in 2015.

Since then my daughter, step son and fiancée have all joined Onpoint!

We are all hooked and agree that workouts at Onpoint beat the gym and other boot camps hands down.

We have different goals and motivations for going to Onpoint, however whether you train to be healthy, less stressed, drop a clothes size or two or get wedding ready, Onpoint Team Training delivers for everyone.

The small groups create a real sense of teamwork, enable excellent coaching on technique and ensure that everyone is working to their full potential - motivated and challenged.

The sessions are varied and there is plenty of opportunity to get practical advice on nutrition and lifestyle.

The Kickboxing session on a Friday night is simply the best way to end the week and get ready for the weekend.

We are really looking forward to setting some goals for the New Year and working with the Onpoint trainers to achieve those goals.

Lesley Maslen

I was looking for a pt to give me an extra bit of motivation and expertise as I found myself going to a gym and not doing productive workouts!

I found onpoint online and had a chat with Jay.

I was impressed from the outset and signed up for some PT sessions.

Apart from how to maximise my workouts and get the most from the short time in the gym the nutritional information has been very helpful.

Since starting I now comfortably fit into the clothes I wanted to and pleased with my body shape. I also have much more energy and feel fit!

If you’re serious about getting fit then get in touch with Jay and his team!

Sam Rose

My wife started Onpoint last year to get back into training, and to do something for herself.

She had been doing it with her friends for about two months, and she was very pleased with the results she was getting.

Naturally I wanted to see for myself but my main goal was to just really have some fun and get back into shape.

I must say, we have trained a lot in the past but since training at OnPoint in Hertford, we have never seen results so soon after starting!

Yes you have to put the time in and look after your diet just like any training but the way Jay and the team put their sessions together, mixing up our workouts and guiding us with nutrition, just seems to achieve results so much faster.

We are both looking and feeling better than ever and continue to train this year with the goal to keep it part of our lifestyle and break as many records in the gym as possible.

I will I assure you... Its great fun and I would recommend Onpoint to anyone who doesn’t have hours to spend in the gym, but you won’t know what any of us are talking about until you give it a try!

Happy Training!

Dean and Laura

Dean and Laura Elliott

Early last year like many other times in my life I was the owner of gym membership.

I started off keen but after a couple of months I started slipping into going once every now and then, I think this is always because I would go do the same run or the cross trainer and it quickly got boring.

In March 2017 my friend who had been training with onpoint for a while invited me along to a kickboxing session, I loved it and couldn’t wait to go back the following week.

In May I started the team training sessions which incorporate weights, I had never even considered it before as always worried about not doing it properly and hurting myself.

Jay and Michelle were always on hand to ensure my posture was correct and gradually increased weight when they could see I was capable of it always with positive encouragement, in addition to that the other members are great and everyone works to support each other.

In just a few months I have gone from struggling with small weights to looking forward each week to see improvement.

I now feel confident with weights and much more than that I have the motivation to go, I hate missing a session now and have stopped trying to find excuses of why I can’t go.

My body feels strong now and although I still have a way to go to get to my ideal shape I know it is possible and I am enjoying seeing the progress rather than just wanting the quick fix.

I have even completed an obstacle course race called Mud Run which I wouln't of dreamed of doing a year ago!

I would recommend onpoint to anyone who is looking for a friendly gym where you get results and it really does become part of your life rather than just a fad.

The PTs and other members are like a little family and the social aspect is great too, much more than anything I have had before.

Thanks OnPoint.

Donna Hogben

All I can say is...5 STAR.

I joined in Feb 2018 and I now love going to the gym.

Jay and Michelle are the best PT's I have ever had the pleasure of training with.

They are very motivational and really do make sure you push yourself.

I started out only going 1 day a week....I am now training 5 days a week, and it's because I really enjoy going to the gym and loving the results.

My body shape has changed, and my clothes are too big for me now.

I am also more aware of what healthy fun eating is. I have learnt it's all about the calories, and it's true...you are what you eat!

Team training is the BEST, we all give it horns (really train hard in South African lingo) and the results are showing.

OnPoint Fitness comes highly recommended.

Nothing feels as good as skinny feels and none of this would have been achieved without Jay and Michelle.

Thank you x

Kerriann Murray

I have been to many gyms in and around Hertfordshire for the past 3/5 years but nothing compares to OnPoint!

Their atmosphere when training and also socialising is great.

I have been attending OnPoint for around 6/7 months now and am always buzzing to turn up and smash some HIIT training with the Team Training sessions but especially with the guys that go as well, we all have such a laugh but we all know when to put the hard work in for definite!

Jay and Michele have been great role models and definitely know their stuff when it comes to helping each individual client achieve their goals or ambitions!

I would highly recommend OnPoint to anyone if you are looking for a real sense of community, fast results and great team work!

Another reason to join is you get to see Jay get his funk on when a great tune starts playing, it’s a right laugh!

Max C

Max Carruthers

Apart from playing the occasional game of 5-a-side football I’d being wanting to start going to the gym again for a few years but never really committed to it.

My girlfriend had been training at OnPoint for a few weeks and was really enjoying it. I went along to a Team Training session and realised my level of fitness was not really up to scratch…

Since then I’ve been working 1:1 with Jay over the past few months and not only have I began to feel a lot fitter I am now fitting into clothes that previously were out of reach! Jay’s approach to training and nutrition is excellent and it’s given me a good base to not only increase my overall fitness but my diet too.

Although I’ve got a bit more of a way to go OnPoint has given me the support to actually want to go to a gym and stick at it.

Rather than being apprehensive I now (secretly) look forward to it!

I’d recommend it to anyone.

Ollie Dyson
  • weight 3
  • waist 12

To be honest, before I joined, my intention was just to try and convince myself that I should enjoy going to a gym. The reality now; I couldn't imagine not going to OnPoint!

I do 4-5 team training sessions per week; some mornings, some evenings, whatever I can fit in around work!

OnPoint has helped me to gain not only physical strength, but mental strength too; Pushing through mental barriers that normally would stop me in my tracks.

OnPoint can't be compared to a normal gym, simply because it's not normal at all. It's fun, exciting, buzzy and most importantly everyone is so welcoming. It doesn't matter who you are, where you come from, or what your reason is for going, you feel motivated from start to finish, and feel you're being supported by true friends.

I couldn't recommend this place enough! If you're ever struggling to find a starting place, this is 110% the place to go!

Beth Foster

I knew I was drinking too much, eating all the wrong “comfort” and “hangover cure” foods but always found an excuse to not find the time to do something about it. Too much work, too many nights out, weekends recovering one the sofa…I just didn’t have the time for exercise. Yet, every morning I would wake up, look in the mirror and heave a huge sigh at the unfit, fat and miserable reflection! A week’s holiday in Santorini where I was too embarrassed to take my top off on the beach was the turning point for me. I had to do something….

On my return from holiday and after some local research for a PT instructor I came across OnPoint – spoke to Jay, met him to discuss my concerns and what I hoped to achieve. Commitment and patience were two of the main thoughts I came away with – there isn’t a quick fix.

8 weeks, 16 PT sessions and two “Weekend Warrior” classes later I can honestly say that I am feeling so much better, am having a lot of fun and the desire to return and better myself is insatiable. The change in my body shape is remarkable and comments from friends/family only make me want to continue. Positive comments are such a massive boost for me.

Jay has been inspirational in my PT sessions – he pushes me hard – way beyond what I would do if alone in a soulless gym. We have discussions on nutrition/diet/drinking but also have a laugh along the way. Michelle, the “weekend warrior” has improved my Saturday mornings – in fact the class workout has improved my weekends generally – the teamwork and mutual encouragement/support is uplifting. I come away feeling great. The variety of PT instructors and classes means you can adapt a timetable which suits you.

I have always had a pathological hate of gyms – but OnPoint is so different. Great instructors, lovely people and all the kit you will need (both indoors and outdoors) for a healthier, happier and more positive future. And you get to have a laugh with some seriously nice people while feeling the pain!

I’ve never enjoyed exercise so much…or indeed longed for more.

Iain Coxon

I contacted OnPoint when I had reached rock bottom. I didn't want to go out, avoided my friends and couldn't even look in the mirror. My confidence was at an all time low.

I was offered a week free trial and plucked up the courage to go for it. It was time to make a change!

On my first group training class I was so so nervous and anxious because I would get out of breath just walking from my car to the house! How would I manage 1 hour of boxing?

As soon as I walked in everyone was lovely introducing themselves and welcoming me. I made it through my first session and I walked out exhausted but buzzing. It felt so good to get my heart pumping again.

4 weeks in and I'm like an OnPoint addict, if that's a thing lol. It's hard to get yourself out the house at 5.50am, but the feeling when you have accomplished a class and walk out feeling set up for the day has brought me back to life.

The trainners are amazing, they make you have confidence in your ability and push you to get the best out of each session. Its early days for me but I can feel a difference already both physically and mentally. I look forward to the changes ahead.

Thank you guys x


"OnPoint - just another gym right? Wrong, very wrong. Just take a look at the Facebook page or the Instagram posts and you will see that it is very much the OnPoint community.

And so it is a community. I had one PT session with Jay each week from late August to November 2018. They were challenging but enjoyable sessions and over that period I made progress - losing 18lb in weight and improving my fitness. But it wasn't enough for me. Jay suggested that I try the group sessions. I was reluctant and apprehensive at first. What egos might I encounter? Super fit people, surely I'd be made to feel uncomfortable?

Nothing was further from the truth. At my first session (6am on a Friday) it was clear - I was the oldest, the fattest and most unfit of all and yes it was tough. But what I found from ALL of the others in the team was kindness, support and encouragement. There truly is a team spirit. Everyone is there for the same reason - improvement and everyone helps each other. All of the trainers care. All embrace and encourage the community spirit by sharing practical "real life" tips and advice which really help.

Lately, there is more detailed advice and information with regard to nutrition and food generally. This is invaluable and such an important factor.

I am so pleased to have found OnPoint. My membership of the community has been life changing for me and I would, and do, recommend it at every opportunity.

I know I have a long journey ahead with regard to my health and fitness, and I know that I will make the best progress with the team of the OnPoint community."

Gary Anderson

After months of 'dieting' to lose weight and not achieving the results I wanted, I took it upon myself to make a change drastically outside of my comfort zone and join a gym.

After researching gyms within my area I contacted OnPoint and explained my situation. OnPoint immediately stood out to me... Having never done any exercise other than having the odd kick-about, the clear and factual information as well as the feel of team spirit posted on social media by OnPoint helped me make my decision to start my journey with them.

I have been a member for almost 3 months now and although I know I have a long way to go, I am seeing great improvements in my strength and stamina week after week. From barely being able to walk after my first few sessions, I am now attending 2-4 team training sessions and 1 PT session with Ryan per week.

I feel that the if I had joined a 'normal gym' I would not of been able to continue to exercise regularly. The support from all the other OnPoint members and coaches during team training is brilliant and once you've started you just don't want to let anyone down so you give it your all!

During PT sessions with Ryan I have been able to push myself to limits physically and mentally that otherwise would of seemed impossible. He has helped me greatly with understanding the correct form/technique for various exercises which I can now immpliment during team training, as well as giving me a better understanding of the nutrition I require to achieve my goals.

OnPoint is a brilliant gym, run and attended by a brilliant bunch of people.

I'd urge anyone looking to start haveing a more healthy lifestyle to contact OnPoint today! You won't regret it!

Daniel Scrips

Although I’d been doing some form of exercise for over 35 years - since the age of twelve - in recent years my motivation had definitely started to disappear.

Whilst I still regularly exercised, I’d stopped using the gym and was doing very little in the way of focused training.

I’d reached the stage, as many of us do when we hit our middle years, where I really needed somebody to tell me what I should be doing; when I should be doing it; and to be on hand to make sure that I didn’t chicken out!

Enter Jay!

He listened to what I wanted to achieve and using his knowledge and experience we set up a plan of action!

Jay is an excellent communicator with a genuine client-focused attitude and, in all the very best ways, is certainly no pushover!

He’s your coach. He knows exactly what you need to do, so you’d better just get along and do it!

After 5 months I am a slimmer, trimmer version of myself!

I can’t recommend highly enough that you look to OnPoint to do the same.

Jane Sanders

I became an On point member about 6 months ago and it has been the best decision I have ever made. At first, I was nervous because I wasn’t sure what to expect. I had never really exercised and was scared everyone would be super fit and I wouldn’t be able to keep up and get left behind. I thought that new members found it hard to keep up at most exercise classes.

But though I was right about everyone being super fit, I was wrong to feel so nervous. Everyone made me feel so welcome and I didn’t get left behind which was great! I fell in love with On point from my first session and couldn’t wait to come back for the next one! In the past, I had tried so many different gym/classes before but always felt out of place as the trainers never really put much effort in with the newbies and that was why I never went back.

I can confidently say that at On point, the trainers are simply the best trainers. They are so friendly and motivate you to push yourself so you don’t get left behind. In the 6 months I have been attending On point I have lost 2 and a half stone and gone from buying size 18 jeans to size 12! I eat out at least twice a week and drink most weekends and I am still seeing amazing results.

I can really see the progress I have made in such a short space of time. This is down to the great trainers and fantastic team training sessions which I do roughly 4 times a week. I have received lots of advice on nutrition and this has made me understand all aspects about food and what I eat in a totally different way. Another great achievement is that I’m not scared to get on the scales anymore.

If you want to get fit and healthy and have a great time doing so then On point is the place to be!!!!

Joanna Boon

"Joining OnPoint has been so refreshing to any other gym experiences I've had. I never find it a chore to go to the gym anymore because everyone is so friendly and supportive! I have never been confident with using weights but since starting Personal Training with Ryan I love seeing how much I can progress and develop each week. I have learnt so much about nutrition, exercise and how far I can actually push myself which has been massively helped by Ryan in our sessions, meaning in classes I am confident enough to stretch my limits.

Making small manageable changes has made a massive difference to me in general and I am happier, fitter and becoming more comfortable with my body. In the past I have always focused on just losing weight but now I enjoy the exercise that I do and I am able to maintain a balanced diet which is sustainable and enjoyable - not focusing on weight loss 100% means that I don't get as disheartened and give up. I can't thank all of the trainers enough for the support they have given me!"

Shaunagh Buckley

In October 2018 I joined the OnPoint team at a fitness retreat in Cyprus.

Being almost 50 and having a fairly sedentary office job, I wasn’t in the greatest of shapes, so I was slightly anxious. I’d never been on a ‘fitness retreat’ before and so really didn’t know what to expect…but I was pleasantly surprised.

On arrival I was taken to a nice 3 bedroom villa with a private pool. I was sharing the villa with two others which meant we had a room each. As I sat waiting to meet the guys, I was sharing with I read through the schedule for the next few days and was presently surprised with the balance between the various training session and the amount of free time.

Whilst the various fitness sessions, which included beach boxing, hikes, yoga and weights, were challenging and we were pushed, we were encouraged to train at a level comfortable to us.

The two meals that were provided each day in a local restaurant were superb – and due to the amount of energy we were expelling, we were encouraged to eat well – there were no lettuce leaves at this retreat!

Everyone on the retreat was great and there was a great social on the last evening of the retreat where we all had a lovely meal, a few drinks and a good laugh.

Overall, despite some of it being hard work, I really enjoyed myself, would definitely go again and would highly recommend it to anyone considering a fitness retreat.

Richard Stangroom