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OnPoint was founded in 2011 by husband and wife, Jay and Sian Benedetti.

The journey began in Shoreditch when they were given the opportunity to take over a personal training studio and begin building their own brand.

During this time, they have had the fortune of meeting some amazing personal trainers and clients, many of whom still remain friends of theirs today.

Following a successful few years in London, Jay and Sian married and moved to Hertfordshire to start a family.

Not wanting to give up what they started, they re-launched OnPoint from a small warehouse unit and began training the local residents of Hertford and Ware.

This was also the time when they launched their bootcamp idea which eventually developed into what we know today as Team Training.

OnPoint out grew their unit in Hertford which forced the move to the current home on the Stoney Hills Industrial estate in Ware.

This move allowed Jay and Sian to put more time and effort into growing their brand and community of members which eventually presented them with a new member of staff in Michelle.

The OnPoint journey continued and despite the many ups and downs, it continues to grow in strength and OnPoint have since welcomed the addition of Ryan, Kate and Jody to their growing team, as well as massage therapist Andrew and a load of new members.

The strength of the OnPoint community has got them through some tough times, including the Covid-19 pandemic of 2020.

The brand continues to grow in strength and stature, with a strong following on social media and community of members that include husbands, wives, sons and daughters all taking part and enjoying the benefits of being a member of the OnPoint family.

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