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This week’s blog is inspired by conversations with clients and friends about whether hiring a personal trainer is all its cut out to be.

You may think, with me being a personal trainer, that my answer to this topic is obvious.

Of course, you should hire a PT!

But, truth be told, sometimes it's not always the answer.

So, I'm going to take a look into the pros and cons based on my experience as a PT and hopefully it leaves you in a position to make a better decision for yourself.

Let's start with the cons. Get the bad news out of the way first ;)

The most obvious would be...


A personal trainer doesn't come cheap!

I could follow this by saying a good personal trainer doesn't come cheap, but what does that even mean?

To most people who have never used a PT before, they have nothing to compare to.

If I was new to the idea of hiring a PT I would shop around and start by asking a few questions...

Why is 'PT A' £20 per hour and 'PT B' £50? Is it experience? Knowledge? Facilities? Results?

I would be intrigued, so I reckon I would go and meet them. See what they're about. See if I actually like them enough to spend the money. What have I got to lose?

Value means different things to different people, so as long as you or the PT can justify the cost and you're happy with the setup, go for it. It's an investment in yourself after all.  


Don't be surprised. Just because you hire a PT doesn't mean the results are guaranteed. In fact, no personal trainer can really guarantee you results. In the same way people think joining a gym gets you fit. It's a great start but you will still have to put the work in.

I know some fantastic personal trainers. Our first ever OnPoint gym was in London and we had 25 of the best personal trainers working there, but what made them good is they were real. They were honest. Just like our team of personal trainers at OnPoint, we all went out of our way to help, but you will still have to meet them half way in order for it to work.

So, if you think throwing money at the problem is the answer, I hope you've got plenty, because it's not always that simple.


Now the pros of personal training.


Come on! At some stage you knew I was going to say it, right?!

Truth be told, when you find the right one for you it can be great. That same rule applies for us as trainers. Sometimes the person who walks through the door makes the trainer. I will be the first to admit that.

Personal trainers don't always get it right. I certainly don't, but the more experienced I get, the less mistakes I make.

If you're prepared to work with your trainer and apply what they know, rather than wait for a miracle, not only are you more likely to succeed but you will enjoy it and the return on your investment will be great!


Hiring a PT means you have the ability to book in sessions on days and times that suit you. We are prepared for early starts and late finishes, so there’s no need to worry. And a nice PT will always do their best to reschedule if something comes up in your day.


No PT is the same as the next, but more often than not, they became a personal trainer because of an interest in having knowledge about exercise and nutrition.

Many continue to further their education in an ever-changing industry, so you are paying to learn from them. And that you will.

We also value ‘life experience’ at OnPoint, which is why we’re all in our 30’s and 40’s, so you can rest assure that you’re not going to be taking lifestyle advice from someone who is young enough to be your child!

To Conclude;

If you’re thinking about hiring a personal trainer, especially with the summer and holiday season coming up, spend your money wisely!

Ask questions and do your research.

'Is this for me?' 'Do we get on?' 'Do they understand my goals?' 'Am I prepared to do the work they’re suggesting?'

Empower yourself with knowledge and your decision will be so much more rewarding.

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