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The 3 Best Kettlebell Exercises You Need To Do Posted 16th April 2018 at 11:00

Some of our favourite exercises to use within our personal training and team training bootcamp sessions are with kettlebells.

Such a simple piece of equipment that, more often than not, will be found collecting dust in most gyms but if used correctly, it can be all you need, which is great for anyone short on space, time or even access to a gym.

So let’s get right into it!

Exercise one is called the Goblet Squat.

This exercise is used to develop lower body strength and it gets its name from the position in which we hold the weight (can also be performed with a dumbbell). The main reason this is our chosen exercise for squats at OnPoint, is because it allows the client to develop technique without compromise. Most people will have tight ankles, hips, chest and shoulders which means barbells are out of the question until we improve function. So, using the goblet squat means we can get on with it but pain free!

Exercise two is called the Kettlebell Swing. 

Possibly the most commonly used exercise with a kettlebell, however, it’s one that can be quite tricky to perform well unless you have good mobility and flexibility, particularly in the hips and hamstrings. Many of our clients have tight hip flexors and weak back muscles due to their work and lifestyles, so not only can the kettlebell swing be used within a session to help overcome this and build up posterior chain strength but it’s a great tool for building up a good baseline of fitness with shorter bursts of action.

Exercise three is called the windmill.

We couldn’t write a fitness blog on kettlebells without outing something in there for the core or abs or whatever you want to call it! The truth is, your core will be challenged greatly through all kettlebell exercises but if you want something that will make it strong and carry over into other exercises and day to day chores, then you can’t go wrong with some rotational work like the windmill or even the Turkish Get Up (will save this one for another blog!) The windmill is an excellent exercise to increase mobility, flexibility and core strength and will also challenge shoulder strength and stability. Like most kettlebell exercises, it’s unique because it engages multiple muscle groups and takes the body through a combined range of motion. However, if you’re tight, you will know about it! So, this can also be used as part of a dynamic warm up.

There you have it. Three exercises using just one piece of equipment. If you’re unsure about the technique then make sure you have a chat with one of the personal trainers at your gym or even check out you tube as there are plenty of demos online that may help you. Alternatively, if you live in Hertford or Ware or surrounding areas and want to try it out with one of our expert personal trainers at OnPoint, click below and book a free trial session.

Take care!