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CAN I LOSE WEIGHT EATING OUT Posted 4th May 2018 at 09:03

Contrary to belief, you can eat whatever you want and still lose weight!

As long as you’re not going over your maintenance calories for the week, you’re fine.

Sure, you would be better off getting your calories from natural and minimally processed food but we’re not hermits!

The reality is, we still want to be able to eat a bit of what we fancy and go out at the weekend and have a few drinks and still lose weight.

That’s the dream!

So where do people go wrong?

Talking diet with people is a ball ache. It makes me cringe because people are misled and tend to regurgitate what they’ve read somewhere or been told to do by someone who hasn’t got a clue.

The long and short of it is this…

If you’re goal is to improve your health, eat more natural food.

If you’re goal is to lose weight, calorie deficit.

If you’re goal is to build muscle, calorie surplus.

To write about all three would take forever, so let’s stick with weight loss as that’s what we’re all about at OnPoint!

As mentioned, to lose weight, you will need to be in a calorie deficit. Not a massive one, but one none the less. To work out the number of calories you require across the week based on your activity level, requires calculation, control and consistency. That is where people start to go wrong straight away.

For example, we work out that our new client’s maintenance calories for the week, as in, not lose weight but not gain any, is 14’000 (basically 2000 per day). In order to lose weight, we take off 10% and aim to hit 1800 calories a day. This small reduction should mean that it’s a manageable approach, nothing drastic, it’s the difference between having that chocolate bar and not. But it’s also important to understand that this is a guide. We may need to make adjustments as we go but that’s the beauty about personal training at OnPoint.

Now, as long as our client doesn’t go over this number, which is now 12,600 (1800 x 7days), they will lose weight. What they eat DOESN’T MATTER!

OBVIOUSLY, we also want the client to improve their health, and they want to look and feel good, have more energy etc, which is why we ALWAYS promote an 80/20 spilt!

80% natural/minimally processed food and 20% whatever they want.

This helps create a sustainable eating plan that they could really stick to for life.

But again, this is where people go wrong.

We have set a small calorie deficit and people have decided to go BALLS DEEP into a deficit.

“I’ve been good all week” (Monday to Friday) and “I’m saving it for the weekend”

Jesus, if I had a pound for every time I’ve heard those sayings!


You and I both know that eating ‘good’ Monday to Friday and letting your hair down at the weekend is dumb!

I get it, you want to still have a life, but trust me, you will ALWAYS go over the calories you have left.

Let’s imagine, and I mean I’m plucking these figures out of the air here, that a typical female client requires 1300 calories a day, 9,100 calories for the week, to lose weight.

What we have seen happen in the past is that person eats “good” Monday – Friday, as in 1000 calories a day, and saves themselves 1500 extra calories for the weekend.

Seems logical in their head because they plan to go out for a few drinks Saturday.

Well guess what, it’s a sunny day, drinking starts early, 2 bottles of wine later, EXTRA CALORIES ARE MAXED OUT.

But you’re having a great time, everyone’s out, some twat gets the shots in, you grab a burger on the way home then wake up to a day of being hungover and eating hangover food. GAME OVER.

You had 4,100 calories to stay under over the weekend and you done that on Saturday night. That is how simple it is! And that is why people give up, because they bust their arse at the gym, they live off ryvita and chicken salads Monday to Friday, they act like a dickhead at the weekend, totally justifying their actions despite being on a plan and financially committed to personal training, and it has to start again Monday because they f***ed it up!

Now before you start thinking I’m a boring bas****, I do this! I have no filter when it comes to drink, but I’m aware, and as a result, I choose wisely when to go out, especially if I’m trying to trim up for a holiday. I mean why waste it!

So, what it really comes down to is awareness!

Understanding the principles of weight loss first and foremost!

There is no good or bad food and there is no food that will make you gain weight or lose it. Some foods contain more nutrition than others, sure, eat more of that, but if your goal is weight loss, it’s simply do not go over your calories!!!!

Then, it’s down to you or your personal trainer/nutritionist creating an eating plan that is enjoyable, flexible and sustainable!

Once you understand and achieve all this, you will be able to have your cake… and eat it!

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For those that fancy giving it a go themselves, here’s a guide on how to work out your daily calories…

Your Bodyweight in pounds x 10 or 11 or 12

10 = sedentary lifestyle

11 = on your feet all day/pretty active

12 = manual labour type jobs

Good Luck!