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Retreat Testimonials

In October 2018 I joined the OnPoint team at a fitness retreat in Cyprus.

Being almost 50 and having a fairly sedentary office job, I wasn’t in the greatest of shapes, so I was slightly anxious. I’d never been on a ‘fitness retreat’ before and so really didn’t know what to expect…but I was pleasantly surprised.

On arrival I was taken to a nice 3 bedroom villa with a private pool. I was sharing the villa with two others which meant we had a room each. As I sat waiting to meet the guys, I was sharing with I read through the schedule for the next few days and was presently surprised with the balance between the various training session and the amount of free time.

Whilst the various fitness sessions, which included beach boxing, hikes, yoga and weights, were challenging and we were pushed, we were encouraged to train at a level comfortable to us.

The two meals that were provided each day in a local restaurant were superb – and due to the amount of energy we were expelling, we were encouraged to eat well – there were no lettuce leaves at this retreat!

Everyone on the retreat was great and there was a great social on the last evening of the retreat where we all had a lovely meal, a few drinks and a good laugh.

Overall, despite some of it being hard work, I really enjoyed myself, would definitely go again and would highly recommend it to anyone considering a fitness retreat.

Richard Stangroom