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WHY GYMS DONT WORK Posted 27th July 2018 at 08:55

In 2008, I joined the gym for the first time and fell in love with it. I was a lot younger, single, living at home and all that mattered to me was how good I looked as that impacted how I felt about myself. Some will say this is a bit shallow, but I wasn’t doing it for you. It was all about me!

Fast forward 10 years and I’m now mid 30’s, married with a daughter and working hard to build a fitness brand.

My life has changed, what’s important to me has changed and arguably the biggest lesson I ever learned in business has now changed the way we operate.

OnPoint is more than just another gym or boot camp in Hertfordshire, it’s now home to a community of people who are all at different levels of fitness but have the exact same goal – to improve.

And in order to continue to improve, particularly as we get a bit older and our responsibilities change, is to ensure the exercise is fun and varied and our approach to nutrition is flexible enough to allow our clients to have a life.

When you’re in your twenties or even late teenage years, giving everything up in pursuit of an amazing body is fine but that gets a lot more difficult later in life.

Not because we are lazy and I'm not saying we’re not capable, it’s just not that important.

We all panic when our summer holidays are coming up but that doesn’t stop us from wearing our new bikinis or going topless.

Sure, we could be and would love to be a bit trimmer but no one really gives a shit.

"Bring me another G&T"

As for gyms, they are what they are.

For many, they’re a place to escape, switch off, pump up, show off, catch up, take selfies - whatever!

But for me and all the members at OnPoint – they’re boring!

Getting fit should be fun.

The gym should feel like your second home, not somewhere that makes your nervous or anxious.

You should be able to work out and not give a shit, not worry about who’s looking at you.

You should be able to come in without make up, hair tied up and not feel out of place.

But the gym has definitely changed since I started going.

I would hate to go back now.

And that is why OnPoint is growing in popularity.

Whether you’re new to exercise, a seasoned pro or someone who has had a break and wants to get back into it, OnPoint is for everyone.

We train together, go out together and grow stronger together, and you’ll notice at your first session how welcoming everyone is and how much support you have in improving your fitness and achieving your goals.

Being OnPoint is about making positive change, seeing results, achieving together and making friends on the journey.

Exactly what it should be about!

To experience the difference, drop us a message and we will give you a FREE week trial!