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THIS WEEK AT ONPOINT Posted 17th August 2018 at 09:31

There’s always so much going on at OnPoint, so I’ve decided to start sharing it with you all as a way to keep you in the loop and help me with accountability when it comes to blogging.

So, let’s take it back to this time last week…

I was training my client Euan, it was a boxing session, and he dropped a bomb on me!

“Jay, I think I want to sign up for a white-collar boxing event, you know, to give me something new to work towards.”

Initially I was like, SHIT! I mean, don’t get me wrong, I’m from a fighting background and am more than qualified to get people ready to step into a boxing ring, but this is a whole different ball game compared to hitting the pads on a Friday. But I love a challenge, so I agreed, and we started looking into it.

At OnPoint we have a private Facebook group where the trainers and clients all network and I mentioned that this charity boxing event was a thing and asked if anyone else would be interested, and to my surprise, we got 6 people who said yes.

So, I contacted the organiser, Brian, from the St Albans event and mentioned we have a team signed up and will be getting to work. This means there will now be additional sparring classes at OnPoint and we will be ramping up the intensity across all sessions.

I had the weekend off to go and visit my dad in Bournemouth. I used to live there for 5 years so we have a life down on the coast but it’s mostly, so he can have some play time with our daughter Sophia who turns 2 this month. They are crazy about each other, so we make sure they meet up as much as possible.

This meant PT Michelle was holding the fort over the weekend, starting with her popular class on Saturday at 9am which is always challenging but always fun.

Our Facebook and Instagram were on fire so I’m guessing they all loved it as per usual.

Sunday was a day off at OnPoint. We normally have another Kickboxing class on at 10am but all the trainers being away meant we just called it off and got ready for an early start 6am on Monday.

Our 6am Team Training sessions are growing in popularity; more people are signing up but there has also been a noticeable change in the weather lately. That ridiculous heat has now become chilly mornings and it’s not as bright first thing, so a few clients are finding it a bit harder to get up at 5/5.30am for this class but this always happens around this time of year, not to mention the fact most of our members are also on their family holidays. But nevertheless, it was a good session and Michelle was double busy with PT clients up until lunch time.

The evening was action packed as always. Both Michelle and I tend to have clients from 4pm – 9pm including our two Team Training classes at 6.30pm and 7.30pm. We’ve recently adjusted these evening times to better suit our members schedules and take into consideration it’s a 10-15min drive to get to us on Stony Hills. But, so far, so good!

Tuesday, we welcomed a new personal training client in Gary.

Gary runs a local furniture company and has, like many of our clients, spent far too long putting work and everything else before their own health. As a result, he decided to do something about it and called us to arrange a consultation. It’s hard enough as it is to accept you need help but to actually walk through the door takes guts and for that I commend Gary.

His first session was a blast.

We went through our standard assessments and then I asked him to put on some boxing gloves. There’s nothing quite like hitting pads and heavy bags to help manage stress!

In fact, Gary liked it so much, when he got home and told his family and later that day I had his son Ed on the phone asking to come in for a chat.

Suffice to say, Ed is now also a client at OnPoint.

As for Team Training, I decided to include a bit more strongman exercises and played around a bit with the work and rest times. This went down well, it was tough, but we have a team of absolute troopers who take anything we throw at them despite how hard it may be!

Let’s just say, there may be a few sore legs in the next couple of days!

A few days later we welcomed Helen to OnPoint who was scheduled to start personal training with Michelle.

Helen had used personal trainers in the past but for whatever reason, that stopped, and she found herself back in a place that made her feel like she needed help again.

Actually, I will tell you why that is… Because most personal trainers don’t have a clue. They train you the way they like to train and suggest a way of eating that simply does not fit within the client’s lifestyle. It’s all short term.

So, our goal is to find out what Helen enjoys, add in a bit of what she needs and help her create an eating plan for life that falls in line with her goals.

And so that brings us back to today, another Friday at OnPoint which is typically loaded with Kickboxing.

Both our Team Training sessions on a Friday are Boxing or Kickboxing based.

It has become a great way to end a stressful working week and it’s also become a day for me to park up at a local café and blog.

So, I hope you’ve enjoyed that insight to our week, I will leave you with a few pictures that we managed to capture.