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THE TRUTH ABOUT WEIGHT LOSS Posted 26th April 2018 at 16:34

One of the things we specialise in at OnPoint Fitness is weight loss. But rather than put clients on a fad diet and get them popping weight loss pills, we prefer to educate them on the principles of weight loss, so they can lose weight and keep it off thanks to the sustainable changes they make to their lifestyles.

Our problem with typical weight loss diets and weight loss clubs is they don’t teach you the principles – energy balance. Calories in vs calories out. Instead, they find a way of convincing you that the only way to lose weight is to follow their method.

In terms of weight loss, yes, you will lose weight on most weight loss plans or as a member of most weight loss clubs, but that is only because of one thing, calorie deficit. Nothing else. Some clubs will create a great community spirit to help keep you accountable, but the science is simple – calorie deficit = weight loss and calorie surplus = weight gain.

So why do most people struggle to keep it off?

In our experience, this is because they don’t quite get how it works.

There is no food that will make you fat, so why do we blame bread, pasta and chocolate?

There is no specific exercise that will make you lose weight, so why do we buy into crazy methods?

Honestly, I think it’s because we’re impatient and not willing to admit what the real problem is!

Give me 20 minutes with anyone who struggles with their weight and I will show you someone who already knows where the problem is, they’re just not willing to change. Because most of the time it means we have to cut back a bit on the things we enjoy, like snacking late at night and getting smashed at the weekend, but then again, maybe we don’t have to!

No one really wants to count calories and some people don’t even want to get out and exercise, so it’s no surprise people struggle. We can’t be arsed!

There have been countless TV shows discussing weight loss, some force me to hold my head in shame and some have been really informative but ultimately they have all discussed the same thing… if you want to lose weight you need to be in a calorie deficit, how you achieve that is what you have to work out and whether you maintain that or not is down to how realistic your approach is.

Cutting out a food that we typically over eat because we really like the taste of it, despite knowing it’s a bit naughty, is obviously going to help us lose weight because we have now reduced our calories. Whether we really want to spend the rest of our lives not eating things we like is why our weight tends to fluctuate – it’s not really that important to us.

So, this is why we promote a way of eating that encourages you to eat most of what we know is good for us but also a bit of what we fancy, and as long as we’re getting a bit of regular exercise in, you will more than likely find yourself slowly starting to lose weight without having to do anything drastic.

And that my friend, is how it works.

But like I said earlier, we’re impatient!

If there’s one thing you take from this weight loss blog, let it be this…

The best diet for you will always be the one you can stick to longest and no one ever got fit sitting on their arse!

If you would like to shift a few pounds the right way and more importantly, keep it off, drop us a message and we will book you in for a free consultation.