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THE GOAL IS TO KEEP THE GOAL THE GOAL Posted 16th May 2018 at 12:26

We currently have a 3 week rotation on our team training programme. This gives clients a chance to learn, progress, set targets and beat them. In my opinion, 3 weeks still isn’t enough but it’s important to keep your members stimulated, especially in a group training or bootcamp environment, so 3 weeks seems to work.

The problem with most fitness classes and bootcamps is they keep changing their workouts and no one ever really gets to make considerable progress.

Just as you start to feel like you’ve ‘got it’ it’s changed!

For most people, their marker of a good session is how much people sweat and how out of breath they are. But we’re also in the results business. People are paying us to help them better themselves.

So what does ‘the goal is to keep the goal the goal’ even mean?

In short... just remember what you’re trying to achieve and stick with it until you do. A bit like your diet and fat loss... Consistency is key.

How we differ from most fitness classes and bootcamps, is we provide a much smaller group with more individual attention to their needs, more like a group personal training session and that’s where you get the best of both worlds at OnPoint.

That’s not to say other methods don’t work!

I’ve tried them all, Les Mills, CrossFit, Military Bootcamp, all fun, all done the job and all worthy of being in our industry, just not what we do. It’s as simple as that.

So, if you want to make some significant progress in your training, whether that be personal training or a class, you have to be patient!

Stop looking for a quick fix. Give what you’re doing time, learn from it, ask questions and keep working towards bettering yourself. Just like any sport or job, if you want to get good at it, practice, practice, practice!

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