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Team OnPoint Do Rock Climbing Posted 3rd March 2018 at 07:20

Sunday 25th Feb marked the second social event on our calendar and that was held at The Lock Climbing Wall in Harlow.

When we decided to ad this to our schedule, it did'nt take long to fill the spaces, firstly because we could only take 10 but most importantly because it was different and a great way to put our new strength and fitness to the test.

As we always say to our clients, weight and fat loss is a slow game, so it's important to challenge yourself and set targets in other areas, so we did!

We met in the reception early that morning, there were a few hellos, handshakes and hugs but then it quickly went quiet. The realisation of what we were about to do kicked in.

Me personally, I'm not great with heights and these walls were high! But for most, it was out of theor comfort zone, which is always hard to deal with.

The instructor for the day was Ben and he put us all at ease with a brief intro and what to expect.

So we walked into the main room, met by the tallest walls I've ever seen, loads of colourful rocks spread all over them, ropes hanging everywhere and a wide range of men, women and kids all enjoying themselves.

We were nervous, but we are OnPoint, we're up for it.

The aim was simple, follow the path led by colour, take your time, get as high as you can, then wait for your partner to be ready to help lower you back down.

We were shown how to hold an feed the rope by Ben, with his assistance of course, and so we paired up and got stuck in.

It was tough, it was challenging and at times a bit scary but everyone got behind and encouraged eachother which ultimately led to everyone going above and beyond what they thought they were capable of, quite literally!

So all in all, it was a great day out. A great experience and one we plan to re visit in the summer to see how much we've improved.

Anyone looking for a new challenge or just to do something different with their fitness, definitely give this a try!