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OnPoint Hertfordshire Turns 3! Posted 9th March 2018 at 11:05

Since launching OnPoint in Hertfordshire back in 2015, our little fitness community has grown from a class of 8 and a few personal training clients to over 70 members and a team that consists of personal trainers, massage therapists and now yoga and pilates instructors.

The committment to leave the centre of Hertford town and relocate to an estate on Stony Hills in Ware, right opposite the new Dean's Furnishers site was a tricky one, but one that turned out to be the right decision in the end.

We were always confident in what we brought to the table but a bigger venue means bigger overheads and we knew we needed to work hard to grow the community even more to make it worthwhile.

So we needed to take a step back and re-assess a few things. Like what do people need in terms of flexibility and what's going to be the appeal to make them drive an extra 10 minutes out of town and come to our new studio.

The OnPoint studio is a good size but nothing compared to some of the local gyms and crossfit boxes in Hertford, but we do have an outdoor area and plenty of parking, so a few things started to lean in our favour. 

The new addition of 3 rather swanky shower rooms meant our corporate clients could workout, shower and change all in time for the train to London. This is something we didnt have the luxury of at our last studio.

We are also surrounded by miles of countryside, so when the weather is good, which it's starting to show signs of, we have the luxury of being able to go for a run with a view, which is exploited during our Weekend Warrior workout on Saturday morning, there is actually a 2km route that we often incorporate.

It feels like we're tucked out of the way, when you eventually find us but it's only a 5 minute drive from either Bengeo in Hertford and the Ware roundabout on the A10. Infact, we're like 5 minutes from Heath Mount School which has helped a lot of our clients who do the school run in the morning.

So there were lots of positives developing and that left us to work on what we knew best... the training and nutrition.

Personal training at OnPoint has always been popular. We tend to specialise in strength and fitness training and kickboxing but with us bringing a wealth of experience and knowledge to the sessions and clients getting the privacy of the whole gym to themselves at times, personal training was always going to be charged at a premium.

So it was then that we decided to ellaborate on our Team Training model and introduce more class times as well as an unlimited class membership option to accomodate those with a hectic and ever changing schedule.

What that meant from our side was that we were unable to be so restrictive with the training and nutrition and turn it into something that would tick all the boxes... fun and challenging but still rewarding and clear that it works.

As the classes built, so did the friendships between members and with that the community spirit within our camp but there's only so long you can exercise and eat clean before you think... i need a break.

So to keep the members engaged and committed, we decided to trial a social events calendar, covering everything from charity runs to obstacle course races like Tough Mudder to weekend fitness retreats in Dorset, Cyprus and Ibiza.

We saw this as a way to not only team build but show the clients at OnPoint that they have got stronger and fitter and put it all to good use, rather than get too caught up in what the scales or tape measure says.

In the last 12 months, we have raised thousands for local charities, ran miles, climbed to new heights and got covered in mud but it has brought us all together in a big way and built a relationship between members and staff that is strong!

Everyone who joins OnPoint will eventually find their own fit, but what we we all find in equal measures is support and that is what you need in life to succed at anything long term.

I will wrap this up by leaving you with a few words written by our client Kat Morgan, who was voted the members member of the year for 2017...

"OnPoint isn’t just a gym or boot camp, it’s a community of people who are all at different levels of fitness with one goal- to improve.

Whether you’re new to fitness, a seasoned pro or someone who has had a break and wants to get back into it, OnPoint is for everyone.

It’s not intimidating like some places or full of super fit people who look like they don’t need to exercise.

The sense of community and trainers who really care is what sets it apart, and you’ll notice at your first session how welcoming everyone is and how much support you have in improving your fitness, strength and achieving your goals.

It’s definitely not for you if you’re not a team player, or someone who is drifting along.

It’s all about making positive change, seeing results, achieving together and making friends on the journey.

Love this place!"