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How to stay on track this summer Posted 17th July 2017 at 10:48

For many of us holidays are mostly about relaxing & unwinding from every day life but for those trying to lose weight or to maintain a healthy lifestyle the lure of the all inclusive buffet and copious amounts of cocktails can sometimes throw us off course. So how can you keep control whilst still enjoying yourself? Well you can! Living by the 80/20 rule means that you can still eat healthy, lose weight and enjoy your chosen treats! One... Read more

Womens Fitness in Hertford Posted 2nd July 2017 at 16:03

As personal trainers we obviously hold keeping fit and healthy as a high priority, however, we understand that not everyone feels the same way. As busy mums Sian and I can relate to many women whose daily lives are filled with responsibilities which are often seen as a barrier to finding time to exercise. Working, childcare, household chores and generally being busy with daily life often leaves little time for 'ourselves' and even less time to... Read more