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STAYING HEALTHY AT THE OFFICE Posted 21st March 2016 at 09:16

One of the biggest battles our clients face is the ability to stay healthy within their work environment. Often sat at the desk for 8+ hours a day, the only time they get out of their seat is to pop to the loo or grab another cup of coffee to help get them through the stressful day. The unfortunate thing is our bodies were not designed to be slumped over a desk for long periods... Read more

WHY LOSING WEIGHT IS HARD Posted 6th March 2016 at 20:08

Not to completely bash the industry we are in but blimey we make it hard for ourselves! The amount of magazines and Facebook posts promoting how simple it is to lose weight, just take this pill, follow that diet or buy this piece of equipment. In fact, these little white lies make the fitness industry millions of pounds every year and yet the majority of the public are still overweight. If you struggle with weight loss,... Read more