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Stop Saying NO! Posted 27th January 2017 at 15:01

As we approach the end of January, many people will start to question whether they can keep this new diet up for much longer. Some will have well and truly embraced the new lifestyle changes and found that this is the life they want to live because it works for them but many will find that it's all getting a bit much. Why? Because new diets require you to say no to food you like and let's... Read more

I'VE JUST WORKED OUT! WHY AM I SO SORE? Posted 21st January 2017 at 07:04

With everyone being well and truly back into the swing of things and lots of new people joining OnPoint and taking part in our Personal Training, Team Training and Classes, there is a common theme of complaint that has come up a lot in the last 2-3 weeks... WHY AM I SO SORE? In this weeks blog, we will explain why, what it means, how it happens and what to do about it. Don't worry, you're not alone.... Read more

Let's Keep Going! Posted 13th January 2017 at 19:08

It's Friday 13th which is unlucky for some! Infact, around 63% are set to quit their New Year diet today! A lot of people would have gone in a bit too hard and will be suffering with a lot of muscle soreness right now, and many would have completely changed the way they eat which is turning out to be a big shock to the system and quite frankly, a bit unrealistic. So, what better time to... Read more

How To Lose Thigh Fat Posted 7th January 2017 at 14:02

Our new year is well under way! Clients are back in to the swing of things with their new gym kit and new goals so it goes without saying, we have been discussing the damage that has been done over the xmas period and what we plan to do about it. With most of our clients being female, one request that stands out has been the aim to lose thigh fat. "How do I get rid of these... Read more