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HOW TO AVOID WEIGHT GAIN THIS SUMMER Posted 11th June 2018 at 11:31

For many of us, summer holidays are mostly about relaxing and unwinding from everyday life but for those trying to lose weight or to maintain a healthy lifestyle the lure of the all-inclusive buffet and copious amounts of cocktails can sometimes throw us off course.

Something we promote at Onpoint Fitness is living by the 80/20 rule, which basically means that you can still eat healthy, lose weight and enjoy your chosen treats!

One of the benefits of an all-inclusive buffet is that you have access to a huge variety of healthy foods at every mealtime so eating healthily 80% of the time should be pretty easy but it doesn't make sense to deprive yourself of enjoyable food, so yes, have a dessert!

The key is carrying "moderation" in your back pocket. Sample these delectable foods, but don't feast on them.

What we have discovered to be the biggest factor with weight gain on holiday is lack of activity. We go from walking everywhere and joining a gym or hiring a personal trainer leading up to it and then it all comes to a halt and we spend all day laying on the sun lounger.

Then, with the increase in calorie intake, drinking through the day and trying all the lovely desserts at every meal time, it’s no surprise we find ourselves returning a lot heavier than when we left.

This is the vicious cycle we face when crash dieting for a holiday.

Some people will be fine with it. Completely happy to gain and lose all year round, but, at some point, that is going to do your head in.

This is why you need to understand calories. Understand that your weight gain is purely down to consuming more calories than you are burning. Not the type of food you’re eating or time of day or any rubbish theory you may have heard or convinced yourself to believe in.

We all have our secrets. Our foods or drink that we enjoy in the privacy of our own home. The things we conveniently forget to add to MyFitnessPal, or in some cases, don’t even realise we’re consuming because we do it purely out of habit.

I’m the same. I’m partial to a biscuit or two. I love a cold bottle of beer, but it never stops at one. And I can’t just have a handful of nuts.

So rather than hide it, I have learnt to accept it. I know it’s where I’m going wrong and I have plans in place to manage it better. And I know that I need to counter balance it with exercise.

If I’m not exercising at least three times a week, I’m not doing enough, and I end up feeling bloated or puffy or whatever I call being a bit fatter come the weekend.

So, it doesn’t stop, even when I’m on holiday. I continue to enjoy my food and beer, but I also keep active to avoid too much weight gain.

The hotel gym, swimming or long walks on the beach can all be enjoyed on holiday, and in most cases, they can be enjoyed that much more as you're not fitting it into your daily working life!

This is the lifestyle that we at OnPoint encourage all of our clients to adhere to.

It shouldn't be difficult, unenjoyable or hard to manage but it does require a bit of thought and support.

That’s where we come in…

Enjoy your holidays!

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