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5 HEALTHY HABITS FOR FAT LOSS Posted 8th June 2018 at 09:09

Despite what you read online, there is no quick fix for unwanted body fat. If you want to burn fat and keep it off, you will have to adopt and stick with some long-term healthy habits.

These healthy habits are part of a lifestyle of eating a bit better and making time for regular exercise.

They don’t need to be major changes but incorporating healthy habits and reducing the unhealthy ones can make lasting differences to your health.

In this blog, I will not only share some ideas for health habits but also shed some light on popular “fat burning” tips and give my opinion on how valid they are.

Myth 1 – Sweeteners are smarter than the human body

We’re led to believe that diet sodas are bad for us because they are loaded with artificial sweeteners which have this magical power to trick the human body and shift it from fat burning to fat storing.

OnPoint’s Opinion…

REALLY?!?! Look, we agree it’s not ideal to get yourself hooked on these drinks but having one now and again is totally fine. Even a full fat one! If you’re looking to improve your health, sure, consider swapping for water but if your goal is weight loss and you have a soft spot for a can of coke, swapping for a diet coke is a no brainer.

Myth 2 – Water is Actually Holy Water

We’re led to believe that drinking a certain amount of water per day will speed up our metabolism.

OnPoints’ Opinion…

Face Palm. If this was the case, I wouldn’t get any work done. Just spend my time with my head under a tap and burn that fat away! Water has many benefits and we all should drink more but you know what, It’s bloody hard sometimes, especially when it means running to the toilet every 5 minutes. If you’re anything like me then hitting 2 litres a day is a result. So to help me out, I try and keep a bottle with me in the car, at the desk and drink plenty during and after my workouts. That should do the trick. As for its ability to burn fat – maybe if you go on a water only diet! (please don’t attempt this)

Myth 3 – HIIT is the best type of exercise for fat loss

We’re told that High-Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) helps boost your fat burning throughout the day in a short amount of time. Performing exercises in this manner a few days a week is the best way to lose fat.

OnPoint’s Opinion…

HIIT is great if you’re short on time but fat loss only occurs when you’re in a calorie deficit. So, if you really like going to the gym and it’s a big social thing for you which makes you happy and keeps you going, then spend as long as you bloody like there. Whether you burn an extra 300 calories in 20 minutes doing HIIT or in 1-hour walking on the treadmill catching up with your mate, is up to you.

Myth 4 – Special Fat Burning Tea

Herbal teas have been shown to increase energy metabolism and blast fat from cells.

OnPoint’s Opinion…

Take me to China! I do love a bit of herbal tea. They can be very calming and do come with some added health benefits but again, fat loss requires a bit more than sipping a cup of green tea. I also love a good cup of PG Tips, but I couldn’t drink either of them all day. I remember helping my dad slowly reduce the amount of sugar he added to his tea because he drank about 10 a day with 2 sugars. He went down to 1, then swapped that for stevia, now he just drinks it plain. That certainly helped him lose a bit of weight but imagine telling him to swap it for green tea, LOL, he’s a painter in his fifties… NO CHANCE!

Myth 5 – Carbs Make You Fat

Saving the best to last, carbohydrates. The devil. Those evil grains making us fat, how dare they!

OnPoint’s Opinion…

The majority of our diets are made up of carbohydrates. The foods we typically enjoy eating and, in many cases, over eating, are typically high in carbohydrates. So, in an attempt to lose weight, we cut back on them or in some cases, try to cut them out completely, and as a result we drastically reduce our calorie intake. We are very ‘pro’ carbohydrates at OnPoint, but more often than not, we will advise clients to put some thought into the types they consume. Typically, those in their most natural state. However, we’re not personal training bodybuilders or professional athletes, our clients are busy working professionals and parents, so we also promote they consume a bit of what they fancy.

To Conclude…

Fat loss is and always will be a tricky one to get your head around. The process of how it occurs is actually pretty simple but getting yourself and our clients to that point is the biggest challenge. We all want to have our cake and eat it. We want to be thin but don’t want to give up eating our favourite snacks. We want to improve our health but can’t say no to a night out. Of course, these are just a couple of examples and everyone is different but I’m sure you get what I’m saying. As for fat loss, it will come down to creating a calorie deficit, but, it will need to be one that you can sustain and fits within your lifestyle, otherwise it will become a bit of a fad. Something that you do for a while but never lasts. We see it all the time. In fact, we have been there, done it and got the t-shirt. But now it’s about educating our clients at OnPoint Fitness on how to achieve a happy, healthy lifestyle without too much sacrifice. Something I urge you to work towards also.

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Good Luck!