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10 REASONS YOU'RE NOT LOSING FAT Posted 13th July 2018 at 09:04

Lack of Consistency

Fat Loss requires targets to be met, consisting of expending a certain amount of energy which may be more than you’re used to and controlling your calorie intake. Once we have determined the required value of both, we then need to stick to it to give the body a chance to adapt. But we’re naturally impatient!

Changing Things Too Much

Leading on from the first reason above, when we get impatient, we change things. We want to see results fast but more often than not, giving what you’re doing a bit more time would have probably worked. This erratic behaviour is why we end up convincing ourselves nothing works but maybe it would have.

Eat Too Many Calories

It doesn’t matter if your calories come from chocolate or salads, if you’re consuming more than you need, you will gain weight.

Don’t Burn Enough Calories

If your job means you’re sat down commuting to work and then sat at a desk all day before sitting down again to commute home, chances are your energy output will be very low. Finding a fun and convenient way to burn a few calories either daily or a few times a week will not only make you feel a lot better but will certainly play in your favour towards losing weight – assuming you’re not overeating of course.

Drop Calories Too Low and Too Fast

At the expense of achieving fast results, we drop our calories stupidly low. Sure this overall calorie reduction will work but it will not last. It’s not enjoyable and it can be dangerous. Also, when you hit a plateau, where do you go from there if you’re already surviving on air. Not a good idea!

Convince Yourself to Remove a Whole Food Group

Once again, we’ve read somewhere that not eating carbs is the key to fast weight loss. Why? Because we typically overeat foods high in carbohydrates, so attempting to remove them from our diet means we’re hardly eating. But once again, this is not sustainable or enjoyable. And if we knew how beneficial carbs were for fat loss, we would think twice.

Do None Sustainable Things

We have an image in our mind of where we want to be, so we instantly attempt to live that lifestyle. Reality is, it’s too different to the lifestyle we currently live. Not saying we won’t eventually get there but certain habits and things that we do with friends and family are ingrained and take time to change without causing upset. Ideally you want those closest to you supporting what you’re doing, not resenting it.

Follow Generic Plans

This is another one down to lack of patience and desperation. Something that the industry preys on. It’s easy to sell a FAST FAT LOSS DIET PLAN or a DROP A DRESS SIZE IN 2 WEEKS kind of program, which is appealing to those who feel they need it, but it’s not going to last. The numbers (calories in and out) are personal to you and once they are worked out in a way that you can adhere to and slowly progress upon, only then will you find the right program for you. Just because it worked for someone else, doesn’t mean it will work for you.

Reward Yourself with Food

Rather than just enjoy food and the amazing ability it has to connect friends and family on a social level, we see many cases where people have ‘blow outs’ or ‘cheat meals’. This is such a cop out and does nothing but continue to develop bad relationships with food. YOU DO NOT NEED TO BE PERFECT TO LOSE WEIGHT!

Try to Be Perfect

There really is no need. Once you find the balance of consuming slightly less calories than you’re burning across the week, you will lose weight at a steady and manageable rate. One that doesn’t interfere with your life too much, one that is enjoyable and most importantly – sustainable.

The only diet that really works for you, will be the one you enjoy enough to stick to the longest.

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