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About Us

Sian and I have been in competitve sport since a young age and once competing came to an end, the natural progression was to join the fitness industry as coaches and give something back by helping others achieve their goals.

We started working together in 2010 when we joined our personal training businesses together and after a couple of years, we left our jobs at Fitness First to join a private PT studio in Shoreditch which we eventually took over and turned into OnPoint Training.

After months of trying, Sian eventually agreed to start dating me and it went really well, which led to us getting married in 2014.

We agreed to start a family but wasnt keen on staying in London so, by chance, we came across Hertford and moved both our lives and business there.

This was a big challenge as nobody knew who we were but we had confidence in what we could do, which led to us acquiring our first clients and running a free month trial of our 'unnamed' bootcamp.

It's been a rollercoaster to get OnPoint to where it is today but we still love it the same as when we started.

Now we just get to share that passion with a lot more people.

Thank you everyone for your support - Jay

The Team

Jay Director
Sian Director
Michelle Personal Trainer
Ryan Personal Trainer
Jody Personal Trainer

In Numbers

0.00" Average Waist Size Lost in first 3 months
0.0kg Average weight Lost in first 3 months
0 Dedicated Staff Working to help you acheive your goals
0 Calories Burned On average, per month
Andy Fitness Retreat Coach

Currently studying a Msc in strength and conditioning, Andy certainly has an understanding for human structure, mechanics and physiology.

A former professional footballer, Andy lives and breathes sport and is an advocate of the healthy lifestyle which he promotes to his large client base in London.

We believe Andy is an asset to our Fitness Retreat team, his coaching style and knowledge really captures the attention of our participants allowing him to cater for all levels. As the head of training education whilst in Cyprus, Andy can certainly find a way for you to enjoy your experience. The added bonus is he's Cypriot!